My books

Here you will find a list of the books I have read, and my opinion of them. These pages will be changed constantly.

I mostly read science fiction, fantasy and horror, so that is what you will find most of here. I have indexes based on author or title.

There will be certain books missing here. There are books I don't feel I need writing about. Everyone who likes fantasy probably knows about Lord of the Rings, for instance. And most science fiction fans know the Foundation-series. I will avoid those in the longest; I have read them, but feel they need no further introduction.

I tried to come up with a ranking system, but I couldn't. Also, they wouldn't really mean anything, since that would be my personal opinion. But at least here's the list of my favourite books.

Oh, and a warning; I have tried not to put any spoilers into my pages, but if you're afraid of spoilers, at least don't start reading about sequels in a series where you haven't read the first book.

Also, some of the comments about the books may contain spoilers; those will have a warning before the comment starts.

I also have made a list over the books that (mostly) live in my bookshelves.

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