Anne Bishop

She is a professional storyteller and lives in the state New York. She likes music, art, storytelling and gardening. And most of all, she is having a good time.



The Black Jewels
Daughter of the Blood (1998)
Heir to the Shadows (1999)
Queen of the Darkness (2000)
The Invisible Ring (2000) (takes place a few centuries before Daughter of the Blood)o
Dreams made Flesh (2005) (short stories)
Tangled Webs (2008)
The Shadow Queen (2009)
Shalador's Lady (2010)
Twilight's Dawn (2011) (short stories)

Tir Alainn
The Pillars of the World (2001)
Shadows and Light (2002)
The House of Gaian (2003)

Sebastian (2006)
Belladonna (2007)
The Voice (2012)
Bridge of Dreams (2012)

The Others
Written in Red (2013)
Murder of Crows (2014)


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