Gregory Keyes

The gods might help you or harm you, but they will always work, first and foremost, in their own best interests. Sometimes it's best if the gods do not notice you at all.

J. Gregory Keyes was born in Meridan, Mississippi, 11th of April, 1963. He spent a lot of time in the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. He speaks both English and Navajo, the latter he learned at a very young age, while he lived in the reservation. His father worked there, and he learned a lot about the culture, traditions, language and beliefs.

He has a master's degree in anthropology, and he says that being an anthropologist, one must either write fiction or have a large wastebasket. He says he hates to throw things away, so he ended up writing in his spare time.



Chosen of the Changeling:
The Waterborn (1996)
Blackgod (1997)

Age of Unreason:
Newton's Cannon (1998)


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