Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes Lackey, Misty to her friends, has a degree in Biology. She enjoys music, especially filk, of which she also writes texts.

She was married to Tony Lackey, but got divorced. She later married Larry Dixon, who is an artist. He has, among others, painted several of the covers used on her books.

Since I have all but eight of these, you might expect a lot of changes here.


Sacred Ground (1994)
Lammas Night (1996)
The Fire Rose (1996)
Sword of Ice (1997)
Werehunter (1999)

With other authors, in other universes:

Rediscovery (With Marion Zimmer Bradley) (1993)

Sword of Knowledge
Reap the Whirlwind (With C. J. Cherryh) (1989)

Bard's Tale
Castle of Deception (With Josepha Sherman) (1992)
Fortress of Frost and Fire (With Ru Emerson) (1993)
Prison of Souls (with Mark Shepherd) (1993)

Wing Commander
Freedom Flight (1992)

Brain Ships
The Ship Who Searched (With Anne McCaffrey) (1992)

The SERRAted Edge
Born To Run (With Larry Dixon) (1992)
Wheels of Fire (With Mark Shepherd) (1992)
When the Bough Breaks (With Holly Lisle) (1993)
Chrome Circle (With Larry Dixon) (1994)

If I Pay Thee Not in Gold (With Piers Anthony) (1993)
Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (With Ellen Guon) (1990)
Summoned to Tourney (With Ellen Guon)
Bedlam's Bard (With Ellen Guon) (1992)
Tiger Burning Bright (With Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton) (1995)

With Andre Norton
The Elvenbane (1991)
Elvenblood (1995)


Bardic Voices:
The Lark and the Vren (1992)
The Robin and the Kestrel (1993)
The Eagle and the Nightingales (1995)
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (1997)
A Cast of Corbies (1994)

Diana Tregard
Burning Water (1989)
Children of the Night (1990)
Jinx High (1991)

The Mage Wars
The Black Gryphon (1994)
The White Gryphon (1995)
The Silver Gryphon (1996)

The Last Herald Mage:
Magic's Pawn (1989)
Magic's Promise (1990)
Magic's Price (1990)

Vows of Honour:
The Oathbound (1988)
Oathbreakers (1989)
Oathblood (1998)

By the Sword (1991)

Heralds of Valdemar:
Arrows of the Queen (1987)
Arrow's Flight (1987)
Arrow's Fall (1988)

The Mage Winds:
Winds of Fate (1991)
Winds of Change (1993)
Winds of Fury (1993)

The Mage Storms:
Storm Warning (1994)
Storm Rising (1995)
Storm Breaking (1996)

The Owl Trilogy
Owlflight (1997)
Owlsight ()
Owlknight ()


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