Elizabeth Moon

Oath of blood is Liart's bane
Oath of death is for the slain
Oath of stone the rockfolk swear
Oath of iron is Tir's domain
Oath of silver liars dare
Oath of gold will yet remain

She was born in 1940, and grew up in Texas, a lot of the time spent in her grandfather's hardware store.

As can be clearly seen from her books, she knows about the military. She served as a Marine for three years, an experience which gives her books an unusual edge. She married another soldier in 1969.

She has worked 6 years as a paramedic, as a teacher, and she enjoys riding. While a marine, she was assigned to work with computers; working with computers as a woman, back in the late 60ies must have been quite an ... experience.

She also has a degree in history and a degree in biology.

She is married to Richard Moon, and in 1983, they adopted their son Michael.


Remnant Population (1996)
Phases (1997)


The Deed of Paksenarrion:
Sheepfarmer's Daughter (1988)
Divided Allegiance (1988)
Oath of Gold (1989)

The Legacy of Gird:
Surrender None (1990)
Liar's Oath (1992)

Planet Pirates:
Sassinak (1990)
Generation Warriors (1991)

The Serrano Series:
Hunting Party (1993)
Sporting Chance (1994)
Winning Colors (1995)
Once a Hero (1997)
Rules of Engagement (1998)
Change of Command (1999)
Against the Odds (2000)

Vatta's War:

Book 1: Trading in Danger (2003)
Book 2: Marque and Reprisal (2004) (alternative title Moving Target)
Book 3: Engaging the Enemy (2006)
Book 4: Command Decision (2007)
Book 5: Victory Conditions (2008)


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