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Last name First name Title Series # ISBN Format Utlånt til Dato
Saberhagen Fred The First Book of Swords The Books of Swords 1 0-7088-8149-1 Paperback    
Saberhagen Fred The Third Book of Swords The Books of Swords 3 0-812-55307-1 Paperback    
Saberhagen Fred Empire of the East     0-671-69871-0 Paperback    
Saberhagen Fred Thorn     0-812-50316-3 Paperback    
Sagan Carl Contact     0-09-946950-2 Paperback    
Salvatore R. A. Homeland The Dark Elf Trilogy 1 0-88038-905-2 Paperback    
Salvatore R. A. Exile The Dark Elf Trilogy 2 0-88038-920-6 Paperback    
Salvatore R. A. Exile The Dark Elf Trilogy 2 0-88038-920-6 Paperback    
Salvatore R. A. Sojourn The Dark Elf Trilogy 3 1-56076-047-8 Paperback    
Salvatore R. A. Starless Night     1-56076-880-0 Paperback    
Salvatore R. A. The Legacy     1-56076-640-9 Paperback    
Schroeder Karl Ventus     0-812-57635-7 Paperback    
Scott Michael The Culai Heritage       Trade Paperback    
Scott Sir Walter Ivanhoe     0-14-062050-8 Paperback    
Shakespeare William The Complete Works       ?    
Shea Robert The Illuminatus! Trilogy     0-440-53981-1 Tradepaperback    
Sheffield Charles Cold As Ice     0-812-51163-8 Paperback    
Shepard Lucius Green Eyes     0-75281-613-6 Paperback    
Siegel Jan Prospero's Children Prospero's Children 1 0-345-44143-5 Paperback    
Siegel Jan The Dragon-Charmer Prospero's Children 2 0-00-651281-X Paperback    
Siegel Jan Witch's Honour Prospero's Children 3 0-00-651282-8 Paperback    
Silverberg Robert Starborne     0-553-57334-9 Paperback    
Silverberg Robert The Alien Years     0-06-105111-X Paperback    
Silverberg Robert The Longest Way Home     0-575-07393-4 Paperback    
Simmons Dan Hyperion Hyperion 1 0-553-28368-5 Paperback    
Simmons Dan The Fall of Hyperion Hyperion 2 0-553-28820-2 Paperback    
Simmons Dan Endymion Hyperion 3 0-553-57294-6 Paperback    
Simmons Dan The Rise of Endymion Hyperion 4 0-553-57298-9 Paperback    
Simmons Dan Carrion Comfort     0-446-35920-3 Paperback    
Smith Kristine Code of Conduct     0-380-80783-1 Paperback    
Smith Michael Marshall Spares     0-553-57901-0 Paperback    
Smith Wilbur River God     0-330-33197-3 Paperback    
Smith Wilbur Warlock     0-330-37630-6 Paperback    
Sprague L. The Incorporated Knight     0-671-72045-7 Paperback    
Stackpole Michael A. Rogue Squadron Star Wars - X-Wing 1 0-553-56801-9 Paperback    
Stackpole Michael A. An Enemy Reborn     0-06-105681-2 Paperback    
Stackpole Michael A. Eyes of Silver     0-553-56113-8 Paperback    
Stackpole Michael A. Eyes of Silver     0-553-56113-8 Paperback    
Stackpole Michael A. Talion: Revenant     0-553-57656-9 Paperback    
Stasheff Christopher The Warlock Unlocked     0-586-06029-7 Paperback    
Stephenson Neal Snow Crash     0-553-56361-5 Paperback    
Stephenson Neal The Diamond Age     0-553-57331-4 Paperback    
Stephenson Neal Zodiac     0-553-57386-1 Paperback    
Sterling Bruce A Good Old-Fashioned Future     1-85798-710-1 Paperback    
Sterling Bruce Distraction     1-85798-928-7 Paperback    
Sterling Bruce Globalhead     0-553-56281-9 Paperback    
Sterling Bruce Paperback     0-553-57292-X Paperback    
Sterling Bruce Holy Fire     0-553-57549-x Paperback    
Sterling Bruce Islands in the Net     0-441-37423-9 Paperback    
Sterling Bruce The Hacker Crackdown     0-553-56370-x Paperback    
Sterling Bruce Zeitgeist     0-553-57641-0 Paperback    
Stevermer Caroline When the King Comes Home     0-812-58981-5 Paperback    
Stewart Sean Clouds End     0-441-00525-X Paperback    
Stirling S. M. The Ship Avenged The Brainship Series 7 0-671-87861-1 Paperback    
Stoddard James The High House     0-446-60679-0 Paperback    
Stover Matthew Woodring Blade of Tyshalle     0-345-42143-4 Paperback    
Stover Matthew Woodring Heroes Die     0-345-42145-0 Paperback    
Stover Matthew Woodring Iron Dawn     0-451-45589-4 Paperback    
Straub Peter Full Circle     0-552-10471-X Paperback    
Straub Peter Ghost Story     0-7515-0702-4 Paperback    
Straub Peter Houses Without Doors     0-451-17182-9 Paperback    
Strieber Whitley Billy     0-7088-4901-6 Paperback    
Swan S. Andrew Profiteer Hostile Takeover 1 0-88677-647-3 Paperback    
Swan S. Andrew Revolutionary Hostile Takeover 3 0-88677-699-6 Paperback    
Swan S. Andrew Specters of the Dawn The Moreau Novels 3 0-88677-613-9 Paperback    
Swan S. Andrew Moreau Omnibus The Moreau Novels 1-3 0-7564-0151-8 Paperback    
Swan S. Andrew Fearful Symmetries The Moreau Novels 4 0-88677-834-4 Paperback    

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