Five people are invited to visit the world of Fionavar for a celebration, as the king of Brennin celebrates fifty years on the throne. It is supposed to be just a couple of days, and they'll be returned the moment they left, but something, of course, goes wrong.

An ancient enemy is wakening, and the mage Loren Silvercloak has not been entirely honest with the five. They are not randomly picked; one of the five has been expected for a very long time. But the others too will put their marks on Fionavar, just as Fionavar will mark them.

Thoughts about the series

This is classical fantasy. The plot is not exactly original, and some of the elements are very much standard in a certain kind of fantasy novels. It is, however, unusually well written. Kay has a way with words that I find rather unique; his characters are interesting, and some of the sub-plots are quite beautiful.

This is one of my favourite series, and quite often the one I pick up when I feel like reading a 'regular' fantasy book. Absolutely recommended.


Book 1: The Summer Tree
Book 2: The Wandering Fire
Book 3: The Darkest Road
About the author Guy Gavriel Kay

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