Cry Wolf

He didn't really understand what had happened until the morning after fhe first full moon when he woke up with blood in his mouth, under his nails, and on his naked body; the memory of what he had done, what he'd become, clear as diamonds. Only then did he know he had become the enemy, and he wept at the loss of the last of his humanity.

The story:

Anna has gone to Montana with Charles, to start a new life, away from the old memories and the old pack. But even before Charles has the time to recover, his father needs his services as an assassin. A rogue werewolf has killed and attacked people, and Charles must stop it.

And Anna refuses to let him go alone. But they find more than a rogue werewolf. A centuries old, deadly evil has come to Montana, to Bran's territory, in search of someone.

About the book:

So, I am partial to werewolves (and wolves). I really enjoy how we get a good look at how the pack works, and what it means to be a werewolf.

The book continues the story that started in the novella Alfa and Omega. There are references to the Mercy Thomson series as well; this one happens, from what I can see, parallel with, or at least partly parallel with Moon Called.

It is well written, and I like the references to stuff like Beowulf. Patricia Briggs has several times referred to myths, older literature and history, and from time to time also to more contemporary stuff, like roleplaying games. I like that; it gives the stories a feeling of being more real.

About the author Patricia Briggs
Book 1: Cry Wolf (2008)
Book 2: Hunting Ground (2009)
Book 3: Fair Game (2012)

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