From Hell With Love

I really would have liked to turn and run, but that option wasn't open to me. If the Lampton Wyrm broke free of the Magnificat and went on a rampage in Los Angeles, they'd be cleaning up the dead bodies for weeks. THe Wyrm was one of the Great Old Beasts, a living god or devil, and though it was much reduced by time and age, there was still nothing in human science that could stop it. You could drop a nuke on it, and the Wyrm would just laugh at you from the depths of the atomic fires, as the mushroom cloud formed overhead.


This is a book in a series, and reading further on this page without having read the previous books might spoil some of your fun.

The story:

A family as mighty as the Drood family is bound to have enemies. Powerful ones. Though usually not something they cannot handle. But when those enemies start cooperating, things get worse. And there might still be infiltrators or traitors within the family itself, ememies with access and knowledge to hit the Drood family where it really hurts.

And some enemies go back ages; all the way to the beginning of the Drood family.

About the book:

As usual, Green has a blend of humour and nastiness. I really enjoyed the way Eddie dealt with the Lampton Wyrm; I need to remember that next time I have to fight a dragon. I am fairly certain that is the most original way of handling a dragon I have ever seen.

He still has somewhat two-dimensional characters, though, especially the bad guys. I would not call his characters deep and complex, but they are quite enjoyable all the same.

About the author Simon Green

Book 1: The Man with the Golden Torc
Book 2: Daemons are Forever
Book 3: The Spy Who Haunted Me
Book 4: From Hell with Love
Book 5: For Heaven's Eyes Only
Book 6: Live and Let Drood
Book 7: Casino Infernale

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