Hunting Party

It was all over now, all those years of service, all her family's traditions; from now on, she was Heris Serrano, captain of a yacht, and she would make the best of it.
And they wouldn't know what hit them.

The story:

Heris Serrano is from a long line of officers; her family has served in the RSS, the Regular Space Service, for generations. So it is not easy when she is forced to resign. Being the captain on a yacht belonging to a rich old woman is not exactly a step up. Her uniform is purple and scarlet, and the ship is lavender and teal.

Lady Cecilia Artemisia Veronica Penelope de Marktos has been saddled with her nephew Ronnie and some of his friends, after he had been indiscreet about bedroom affairs. Not only that, but she has also just fired her ship's captain, and has hired a new one. An ex-RSS officer, in fact. And not ex for long either. A stiff-necked military prig of a captain who probably had grown up in a boot camp.

Lady Cecilia is heading to Lord Thornbuckle's planet for the hunting season, and decides to bring her captain along. And they will soon discover that the fox hunt is not the most dangerous hunt going on.

About the book:

This is the first book in her first series about Heris Serrano. I very much enjoy these books; in my opinion, Elizabeth Moon is one of the better writers when it comes to military SF.

Granted, Heris is no longer military, but there is still very much a military feel to the book; most of that has to do with Heris.

Some of her characters, especially the bad guys, are somewhat flat and two-dimensional, but it is a lack, rather than a flaw (by which I mean that though the bad guys could have had more depth, could have been fleshed out more, they are also not shallow enough or bad enough to lack purpose and reasons for what they do.

The book is not only about Heris, it is also about Ronnie and his friends, and about lady Cecilia. But to me, at least, Heris becomes the main character, and the one I like best.


About the author Elizabeth Moon

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