It must be, child. Until the seven demons you released from the Tower of Regrets are destroyed, your love cannot be free. You know it is a part of your burden and your curse.

This is the second book in a series, and reading this review without having read book one might spoil some of your fun.

The story:
Indigo wanders in search for the first of the demons. At her side is loyal Grimya, a freak wolf who can speak both with a voice and telepathically, and who has chosen to follow Indigo on her quest.

And all those years, her beloved Fenran is a prisoner of those demons, and only their defeat can free him from his tortures.

Her guide is a lodestone, which always points to the next demon. The lodestone takes her to a place where the people worship the god Charchad. But something is terribly wrong, for the worship is fanatical, and her first demon seems to be at the heart of it.

Thoughts about the book:
This is a tale about fanatism and obsession, and about human beings. For what Indigo faces, is the power of belief.

This is more than the story of a woman trying to make reparations for something she did wrong. It is also a tale of Man's own demons. For belief can be a strength, but when it turns into obsession, it becomes dangerous and destructive.

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