The story:

Terese Soerensen is cursed by birth. She is the sister of Charles Soerensen. The only man who has managed to win the respect of the aliens who now control the known universe.

Charles Soerensen led the rebellion against the aliens. It failed, but he was rewarded, not punished, for his actions. And now, he is the Duke of Rhui.

Rhui is an interdicted planet. Advanced technology is not permitted. The planet should be allowed to exist, unknowing of the aliens that rule the human space. On Rhui, the cultures and languages should be maintained.

Tess Soerensen is on her way back to Rhui, where she lived as a child, but something goes wrong, and she finds herself stranded somewhere on the great grasslands of Rhui. Here she finds the people who call themselves Jaran.

Thoughts about the book:

The book is well written, of a world where the people live as they have for thousand of years. Into this world, Tess is thrown. And she must adapt, and survive, without breaking the interdiction.

For some reason, the book never did enthrall me. I liked it, but I never got caught up in it, like I do with some other books. It was a well-told story, but it was little more than that.

I am not sure why, whether it was that the characters lacked something, or the emotions were lacking. For someone who wants to read a different first contact story, I'd recommend it.

About the author Kate Elliott

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