Just Another Judgement Day

He snapped his fingers, and as though they'd been waiting just out of sight for his signal, a man and a woman came through the doors and strode lightly between the ranks of bamboo nurses to stand on either side of the Baron. The man was tall and blond, and wore black leather motorcycle leathers with two bandoliers of bullets crossing over his chest. The pump-action shotgun in his hands covered me steadily. The woman ... was tall, dark-haired, and wore a long white trench coat. She grinned at me mockingly.


This is a book in a series, and reading further on this page without having read the previous books might spoil some of your fun.

The story:

The Walking Man has come to town, and the new Authorities are nervous. Nervous enough to hire John Taylor and Suzie Shooter to do something about it. Meaning find him and stop him.

For the Walking Man has come to judge and punish the wicked. He is on a mission from God, and will not be stopped.

About the book:

Parts of the book are very grim. Precious Memories, for instance, is dark, even for Green.

He gets somewhat more philosophical. Good and evil have been more abstract, more just in the background, than it is in this book. Green also gives a few more details on the nature of gods and God, that I find interesting; partly explained through Chandra Singh.

About the author Simon Green

Book 1: Something from the Nightside
Book 2: Agents of Light And Darkness
Book 3: Nightingale's Lament
Book 4: Hex and the City
Book 5: Paths Not Taken
Book 6: Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth
Book 7: Hell to Pay
Book 8: The Unnatural Inquirer
Book 9: Just Another Judgement Day
Book 10: The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny
Book 11: A Hard Day's Knight
Book 12: The Bride Wore Black Leather

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