Keeper of the Keys

Call in the captured pawn. Compel him, the moment the sickness of bonding relents enough to permit him to act. Let the man-child steal the boat from his fisherman benefactors and sail north to Shadowfane. Scait Demon-Lord must sample his mind and memories. Then shall the hatred of Marlson Emien be granted training and weapons; and Ivainson Jaric, Firelord's heir, shall be hunted down and slain.

This is the second book in a series, and reading this review without having read book one might spoil some of your fun.

The story:
Taen is now a Dreamweaver, fully grown before her time, and taught by the Vaere. With Anskiere trapped behind ice, she is the only Vaere-trained sorcerer in Keithland. She knows, though, that her powers aren't enough; to save their world, Jaric must take on the burden he fears - to become a Fire-Lord like his father.

But Jaric's greatest fear is that he will be too much of his father, who went mad and caused the deaths of hundreds of innocents. And Taen's sister Emien is a puppet for the demons who would see Keithland laid waste.

Thoughts about the book:
This is a story about the fear of responsibility, love, and hatred. It is a sweet story, with a bitter aftertaste.

About the author Janny Wurts
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