The King's Demon

He knew. She saw it in his eyes as their gazes met, and realised that he understood all too well the nature of the curse that had fallen, without rhyme or reason, on himself and his wife.

The story:
Sefira remembers little of her past. Only that she had killed someone, and that they had sentenced her to death by burning.

Then she meets Grendon. He is an Arraigner, an official who serves the new king. For some reason, he decides, against reason, to help Sefira.

But there will be danger, for already the first night, he awakes, only to discover that she is trying to kill him, and eat him.

Thoughts about the book:
Quite enjoyable, with non-too-nice characters. Like several of Cooper's stories, the characters have flaws. The only drawback with this book is that I miss more information about backgrounds and the setting.

About the author Louise Cooper