Magic's Promise

"My job. Living on the edge. Trying to convince the Karsites that I was five Herald-Mages. Playing target." he shrugged dismissively. "That's all. Nothing any of you wouldn't have done if you could have."

This is the second book in a series, and reading this review without having read book one might spoil some of your fun.

The story:
Vanyel became a Herald in tragic circumstances. Years have passed, but he has still not completely gotten over Tylendel, his one-time lover and lifebonded, who took his own life.

And to get his family to accept that he is shay'a'chern is not an easy task.

But when he, during a visit to his family, is drawn out of his bed by a cry for help, coming from across the border, he finds himself involved with a situation that is both politically and magically difficult enough to make him forget his own problems.

And the key to those problems seems to be a young Chosen with a Gift that might just have wiped out the whole ruling clan of Lineas.

Thoughts about the book:
This, I think, is the weak link in the Last Herald-Mage. Not that it's bad, it is just not up to the same standard as the two others.

The plot it too common, and could have involved anyone else than Vanyel, given the right background and situation. But it does give a better description of both Savil, lord Withen and others of Vanyel's past.

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