Night Broken

"She made breakfast," I told him, looking down at the parts order I was putting together to hide my expression until I could make it more cheery. I turned two sets of spark plugs into four, stretched my mouth into an appropriate shape, and looked up at Tad. "Homemade blueberry muffins. I brought you some." I nodded to the basket on the counter next to the till.


This is a book in a series, and reading further on this page without having read the previous books might spoil some of your fun.

The story:

Christy, Adam's first wife, is being stalked and needs a safe place to stay. And what place would be safer than her ex-husband's house, with werewolves guarding her?

Of course, that is not the only problem. Beauclaire, Gwyn ap Lugh, has come to Mercy to get his father's walking stick back. The one that she gave to Coyote. A fae artifact, no matter how harmless, in the hands of Coyote is not going to make the fae happy, so Mercy will need to get hold of Coyote to get the stick back.

About the book:

I suppose having the ex-wife stay with you and your husband is far worse than having the in-laws drop in for a visit of undetermined length.

I like this book. There is a feeling of frustration through a lot of it; that is as it should be, since Mercy has to put up with Christy staying with them. Patricia Briggs neatly captures and puts on paper the atmosphere this creates.

One thing that keeps impressing me with Patricia Briggs' stories, is the tendency of picking more or less obscure mythologies and using them in the book. Sometimes just mentioning them, at other times, involving the characters with that mythology in some way. Given how sparse the information on Wikipedia is on this one, I'm willing to put this one in the 'obscure' box.

I also like the characters here. Gary is definitely interesting, and I hope to see more of him in the future. Same goes for Wulfe, Honey and Tad, to mention a few.

While the plot is, at times, fairly predictable, it is well written, and I quite enjoyed it.

About the author Patricia Briggs

Book 1: Moon Called (2006)
Book 2: Blood Bound (2007)
Book 3: Iron Kissed (2008)
Book 4: Bone Crossed (2009)
Book 5: Silver Borne (2010)
Book 6: River Marked (2011)
Book 7: Frost Burned (2013)
Book 8: Night Broken (2014)

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