The Oathbound

"Tale'sedrin is a dead Clan," one of the other five answered her, an old woman with a stubborn set to her mouth. "It only lacks a Council's pronouncement to make history what is already fact."

The story:
Kethryveris is a mage of the White Wind school, one with a magical sword. Need is by her side, and protects her in battle, but it also forces Kethry to aid women in need.

Tarma is Shin'a'in. After her whole Clan was slaughtered, she became a Kal'enedral, Swordsworn to her Goddess. And now, she has a sister, one who will help her rebuild her Clan, and one to whom the bond has been blessed by the Goddess. But to rebuild the Clan, Tarma too, needs a reputation and money.

To do that, they decide to turn mercenaries. And as often as not, their weapons are the least important weapons they have to use.

Thoughts about the book:
Those books about Tarma and Kethry are the books from this world that I like the best. In many ways more traditional Sword & Sorcery, but it is still original.

As I understand, the first short-stories were written for Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress-series. But they stand well on their own.

Both Tarma and Kethry often have to rely more on their wits than their weapons, and they aren't really the prototypes of mage and female warrior. Nor are those stories typical "feminist" stories.

Also, this book resembles more a collection of short stories, so reading them in the wrong order won't spoil that much of your fun.

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