"I am most pleased to make your acquaintance, Master Jadrek," Kethry said, softly and sweetly, as she gave him her hand. "I am more pleased because I had heard good things of you from Captain Idra."

The story:
Through a friend, and their own reputation, Kethry and Tarma have gotten positions with a mercenary company; Idra's Sunhawks. And they have both risen in the ranks under a captain they both like.

But Captain Idra is of the Rethwellan royal family; though she, by choice, has given up any claim to the throne. Still, when her two brothers start arguing about the throne, she goes back to straighten things out.

When she disappears, Kethry and Tarma decide to go looking for her. And suddenly they find themselves drawn into a game of court intrigue and murders, and even a magic sword won't help them much against a king and his men.

Thoughts about the book:
What I like about these books, is that the characters are intelligent, and they (mostly) think before they act. They don't go running off to become heroes without thinking about it.

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