The Quartered Sea

"Even ignoring the very real function ceremony itself serves, it is necessary that you dispel the lingering fear amongst your people that the road to Fort Kazpar is ill-omened."
"Ill-omened?" The young queen shuffled papers from one pile to another. "Kings and Queens of Shkoder have traveled that road hundreds of times."
"Yes, Majesty, they have. Until a queen died."

The story:

Benedikt is a Bard of Shkoder. His greatest problem is that he, alone of all the living Bards, does not sing Air. And neither to his Captain Kovar, nor to himself, does it help that he is the strongest Singer of Water that has ever been known.

When the Queen herself trusts Benedikt with a dangerous quest in search for another continent, he is flattered, and his self-confidence is growing. But a storm leaves Benedikt stranded alone, in a strange country, also turns him into a pawn in a perilous game of power.

Thoughts about the book

This is the fourth book about Shkoder. There are enough of the other stories to recognize the characters from the earlier books, but the story in itself is a new one, and not only a retelling of one of the old.

It is not a very original story, but those who like the earlier books about Shkoder and its Bards will probably enjoy this as well.

About the author Tanya Huff