Star Ascendant

The silence was profound. Blood pounded in Savrinor's ears and he held his breath, not daring to move a muscle. The emissary gazed down at the litter; then its unencumbered hand came up, and a finger, tipped with a curving claw the colour of old bronze, pointed at the First Magus's heart.

The story:
So many year have passed since Benetan Liss was taken to the Castle by the Chaos riders, and he has come far since then. Now he is the captain of the Chaos Riders, and at the orders of the Magi, he and his men raid villages for new prisoners.

Benetan is fairly content with his life; he serves the Gods of Chaos loyally, and he also has a lover of noble birth. But then, young Iselia is stolen from her village at the night of her own wedding. Seeing his betrothed from his childhood, Benetan's past comes rushing back to him.

Iselia and her husband serve Order, and Benetan is drawn into a game where the gods themselves may be involved.

Thoughts about the book:
This is an interesting setting, though the plot may be somewhat basic. The characters, however, are not, nor is the culture, at least not the culture among the Magi and their followers.

I really like this series, but I still think that the Time Master Trilogy is better. Also, the story is a bit slow in its progress at times. However, those who read the Time Master Trilogy and liked it, should also try this one, since the stories are to a certain point connected.

OH, and a small warning; those who have not yet read the Time Master Trilogy, and who plan to read it, don't read this series first. Start with the TIme Master Trilogy.

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