Summer Knight

I flinched and slapped at my hair. Something small fell past my face and onto the ground at my feet. A toad. Not a big one, as toads go — it could easily have sat in the palm of my hand. It wobbled a few moments upon hitting the ground, then let out a bleary croak and started hopping drunkenly away.


This is book four in a series, and reading further on this page without having read the previous books might spoil some of your fun.

The story:

Harry's godmother Leanansidhe has sold his debt to Winter Queen of the faeries, Mab. And she has a task for him. To find the murderer of Ronald Reuel, the Summer Knight, and recover what was stolen from him.

The White Council has gathered, and seems to be blaming Harry for the war with the vampires. And the vampires are after him because of what happened at Bianca's place. Adding faeries to his list of potential enemies is not going to make his life easier.

About the book:

Ronald Reuel? Really? Come on, that is not even subtle. Had it been an assumed artist's name, maybe, but really. It is ok to be a Tolkien fan, but I think that was a bit unnecessary. And if you did not know, Tolkien's full name was John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

I still think the writing lacks something. Oh, the book is decent enough, with a good plot and ok characters. But it still lacks the language, or characters, or depth that really pulls me into the book. In a way, it is much like reading a news article; it may be interesting, I might feel sorry for the people involved, but it fails to really affect me, I still do not have a proper, for lack of a better word, relationship with the characters.

Also, I still have an issue with Dresden's attitude to women. One part of that is the way he seems to think that he needs to think for them, and to decide what is best for them, rather than giving them the information they need to make the choices themselves. It is rather arrogant, and chauvinistic.

The other part of it, is that most of the women in Dresden's life are pretty to beautiful. It is sort of Hollywood light; any woman making an appearance is either way above average good looking, or will probably die soon. Or she is one of Dresden's enemies. Ok, so that is overdoing it a bit, but a character needs normality as well, and that would include normal looking people, doing ordinary things.

About the author Jim Butcher

Book 1: Storm Front (2000)
Book 2: Fool Moon (2001)
Book 3: Grave Peril (2001)
Book 4: Summer Knight (2002)
Book 5: Death Masks (2003)
Book 6: Blood Rites (2004)
Book 7: Dead Beat (2005)
Book 8: Proven Guilty (2006)
Book 9: White Night (2007)
Book 10: Small Favor (2008)
Book 11: Turn Coat (2009)
Book 12: Changes (2010)
Book 13: Ghost Story (2011)
Book 14: Cold Days (2012)
Book 15: Skin Game (2014)

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