Sympathy for the Devil

Lucifer glanced through the hefty sheaf of papers - Vice, Usury, War, Disease, Famine, Telephone Solicitation... all the big evils were there.

The story:
Dayne Kuttner is a nurse. She is tired of being part of keeping alive those who have nothing left to live for, and no life left to live. One day, when her day has been especially bad, she returns home, and then challenge God.

Since it is sincerely meant, God answers her prayer, but in his own way. She asks for a second chance for any soul in Hell, even Lucifer himself. So fifty-eight thousand eight hundred and fiftyone souls are released on Earth, all confined to North Carolina.

Lucifer, eager for what this possibility may gain him, sends his second-in-command, Agonostis, to lead the forces on Earth. And with an extra mission; within a month, he must damn Dayne's soul.

Thoughts about the book:
Entertaining, fun and with a twist. A lot of fun characters, including an obnoxious computer and a perverted, telephone answering blue demon.

About the author Holly Lisle