A malicious virus hacker is really nothing more than a bully. Just as a bully beats you up in order to enjoy the fact that he's bigger and stronger than you are, the virus hacker destroys your property and your work to prove to himself that he's more clever and knowledgeable than the average user. Big whoop.

The story:
The year 2000 is closing in on the world, which means a problem for a lot of computer users around the world. But for Michael Archangelo and his friends, that will be the least of their problems.

A malvolent virus or worm is running wild, and it seems to be intelligent. The search leads the group of friends through MUDs, security systems and into a strange, virtual world, created of dreams, science fiction stories, fantasy stories, and mythology.

Thoughts about the book:
First, I do wonder about the name. Michael Archangelo? That cannot be a coincidence. Michael was one of the archangels. He appeared to Daniel after his vision to comfort him, and he led the forces of angels against Lucifer in the Revelations.

He is the Deliverator, and the leader among the Archangels. He is the protector of the medival knights. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Else? I couldn't find many technical errors here. Now, I am no expert on viruses or worms, but I couldn't find many technical flaws in the book.

The story is interesting, and involves roleplaying, MUDs, artifical intelligence and mythology.

Don't read it and expect a new William Gibson; this is slightly more low-tech, among others. But it is worth reading. Enjoy.

About the author Mark Fabi