Hints for The Longest Journey

This is not a walkthrough, this is meant as a help for those who don't want to be told exactly what to do, but just want a nudge in the right direction.

If there is something you want me to include a hint about, or if you have questions or comments, please feel free to send me a mail.

Prologue - A lion is in the streets
Chapter 1 - Penumbra
Chapter 2 - Through the looking glass
Chapter 3 - Friends and enemies
Chapter 4 - Monsters
Chapter 5 - There and back again
Chapter 6 - The Chaos Storm
Chapter 7 - Deep Blue Mirror
Chapter 8 - Reunification
Chapter 9 - Shadows
Chapter 10 - Rebirth
Chapter 11 - Kin
Chapter 12 - Dreamland
Chapter 13 - The Longest Journey

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