The Longest Journey

This is a walkthrough for The Longest Journey. Yes, I finally finished it. That took quite a few years from the Norwegian version was finished to the English version was done.

If you just want a hint, rather than the walkthrough, I have some hintpages as well.

If you're stuck, try going back and talk to everyone. Often, you have discovered something on your way, so that you have more questions you can ask them.

Look at things, and try combining different items; sometimes you need to combine more than two items.

Prologue - A Lion is in the streets
Chapter 1 - Penumbra
Chapter 2 - Through the looking glass
Chapter 3 - Friends and enemies
Chapter 4 - Monsters
Chapter 5 - There and back again
Chapter 6 - The Chaos Storm
Chapter 7 - Deep blue mirror
Chapter 8 - The Reunification
Chapter 9 - Shadows
Chapter 10 - Rebirth
Chapter 11 - Kin
Chapter 12 - Dreamland
Chapter 13 - The Longest Journey

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