Chapter 1 - Penumbra

April's room

Open the closet.
Pick up the toy monkey from the paper box.
Look at the toy monkey in your inventory.
Take the toy monkey's eye.
Exit the closet, and pick up the photo on the night-table (You probably won't need it, but you might as well pick it up.
Pick up the diary from the night-table.
Look at the diary in your inventory. Inside it there's a timetable. Take it.
(When you go to the menu, you now can access April's diary. There is some useful information there, so you might want to read it.)
Leave the room.


Talk to Zack (No, you can't avoid talking to him, I'm afraid).
Go to the plant closest to you and take a leaf from it.
Talk to the FACT terminal (mostly for the laughs).
Go downstairs.

Living room

Pick up the matchbook from the table.
Look at the corkboard.
Take the pink note, then read it in your inventory.
Give the note to Fiona.
Talk to Fiona. Talk about everything.
Leave the house.

Outside the Border House

Go to the left and look at the machine you find there.
At the upper right, there are two loose wires. Use the gold ring on them.
At the bottom right, there are two yellow screws, and below them, four small rods that can have various positions. They all need to be horizontal for you to be able to do anything more.
If you're having trouble with this, reload the saved game. Then use the left screw to make certain the following rod is read before you turn the right screw: 4, 1, 3, 3, 4, 4.
Turn the valve to the upper left.
Turn the wheel.
Take the clamp.
Take back your ring.
Leave the machine, then walk towards the bridge.
After talking to Cortez, leave.

The Academy

Go between the brown and the grey building, towards the park.
Continue to the academy.
Enter the Academy.
Take the yellow glove from the bin.
Head up the stairs to the right.
Grab the painting equipment from the table.
Use the painting equipment on the canvas.
Talk to Emma, exhaust all options.
After talking to Emma, and she has left, leave the Academy, and head for the café.

The Café

Go inside and talk to Charlie.
Grab some candy from the jar on the counter.
Go to the left, further into the café.
Give the time sheet to Stan.
Look at the poster next to the jukebox.
At the bottom right of the poster, you'll find free tickets. Take one of those.
Talk to Emma.
Grab a bread from the breadbasket at the table with Emma.
Exit the café, and return to the Border House, and April's room.

April's room

Go over to the window, open it, and look outside.
Use the bread on the rubber ducky.
Pull the chain. You are now the proud owner of a clothesline.

The Café

Head to the café and get the rubber ducky.
Return to the bridges, then head to the subway, to the left.


Go down to the subway.
Use the gene scanner. Read the instructions. Choose a weekly pass.
Use your cashcard on the scanner.
Go through the gate.
On the rails to the left, you can see some sparks. Look closer, and you'll notice a big iron key.
Use the clamp on the clothesline.
Blow up the rubber ducky.
Look at it. You'll find a band-aid on it. Take the band-aid.
Use the band-aid on the glove (You can also do that later).
Use the rubber duck with the clamp and clothesline.
Use the fishing line on the key.
Enter the next subway-train that arrives on the station.

Watertown bridge

Click on the map above you and choose Watertown bridge.
Enter the art gallery.
Go to the right and talk to Cortez.
Leave the gallery. If you said you'd work tonight, go to the café and work. If you said you were busy, go to the Border House.
Talk to Mickey and Fiona if you wish.

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