Chapter 10 - Rebirth


Go to the city green and talk to Abnaxus.
Go talk to Brian Westhouse.
Go to the Enclave, and talk to minstrum Yerin. And thank you, Funcom, for using "by whom". There are way too many games that don't get that right.
Go put the stone discs in the four holes around the central circle.
The Alatien stone should be in the top hollow.
The Venar stone goes into the left hollow.
The Dark People stone should go in the bottom hollow.
The Banda stone should go in the right hollow.
Look at the dragon's head.
Use the flute to summon Crow.
Use Crow on the dragon's head.
Enter the Enclave and go down to the basin.
Try turning the wheel.
Talk to Yerin again.
Go down and turn the wheel.
Take the stone disc from the basin, at the bottom of the stairs.
Exit the Enclave, and head towards the city.

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