Chapter 11 - Kin


Grab the paintbrush and palette.
Use the paintbrush and palette on the canvas.
After the cutscene, head to the Newport Docks.

Newport Docks

Go to the construction yard to talk to Burns.
Get the forged ID from Burns.
Show the starmap to Burns. He needs time to do something about it, so you can leave the place.

Metro Circle

Take the subway to the Metro Circle.
Go to the elevator to the left with the guard in front of it. Enter the elevator.
You will see a boy running past, throwing something in the bin. If it doesn't happen, make certain you're through at Burns' place first.
Take the pizza box that the boy threw away.
Look at the clothes store. Shop new clothes.
Enter the shuttle.
Talk to the cop to find the right building.
Go past the cop and down the stairs.
Show the pizza box to Jerry.
If you want to explore, look out of the window and the containers first. When you look at the papers on the desk, it will trigger an alarm, and Jacob McAllen shows up.
Talk to him. I'm not sure if what you say will have any effect, but you do get the chance to ask a few questions.
When Jacob McAllen leaves, he'll release a creature that comes towards you. Don't panic, April can't die, remember?
Go over to the computer; it is possible you have to run around a little bit first. By the computer you find something about a hoverpad exit.
Use the computer to open the exit door.
Run out. At the bottom right of the screen, there's a small platform you can run out on. Do that. The monster will follow you. Now something will happen that causes the monster to fall, and Cortez shows up on the main platform.

Ask Cortez about why he was captured. While you're talking to Cortez, Jacob McAllen shows up. Pay attention now, for there will be a few interesting bits of information.
Enter the room with the computer.
Use the computer. You now have the whole disc and all the four stones. Everything will be automatically fitted together to become one single disc.
Go out and head back to the shuttle station.

The Newport Docks

Head to the construction site and talk to Burns again. He's been shot by the Vanguard, and given them the map. But he's also decoded it, and made a a copy of it.

The Metro Circle

The Morning Star transit terminal is right by the portal. Now you have all the information you need to leave.
Head back to Metro Circle.
Enter the elevator and go into the tubes.
Talk to the representative.
Volunteer as a colonist. Bon voyage!

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