Chapter 12 - Dreamland

Common area for the colonists

At the back of the area, you see two doors, men's room and ladies' room.
Enter the men's room (the ladies' room is closed).
Look at the dispenser on the wall.
Use your cash card on the dispenser. You now get a handful of pills, "Instant Heat - The Number One Source of Manly Vigor".
Move the left trashcan.
Use the coin you still have left in your inventory on the grill.
Remove the grill.
Crawl through the hole.

Corridors on the station

Look at the screen to your left. You'll use that to navigate through the tunnels.
Go to the service duct exit #1. Pull out the cable in the camera, and head back into your hole.
Go to the service duct exit #2. Exit the tunnel and enter the security room.
Use the Instant Heat pills on the guard's cup.
If you're fast enough, you return back into the tunnel. If not, just head back in through the tunnel opening in the men's room. Go back to service duct exit #2 and watch the guard. After a short while, he'll take a sip from his cup, and then head out in a hurry.
You can now enter the guard room. Check out the computer at the back of the room to find out where the Guardian is.
Look at the security map. Choose the guard at the cells, and order him away. He'll now take a break.
Look at the jacket. In one of the pockets, you'll find a small key.
Exit the room and head down to the far corridor.
Here is where you'll find the cells. Use the key on the lock panel at cell 5. That will release the Guardian, Adrian.
Head back to the security room, to the left.
Head to the security map. Don't worry if Adrian doesn't follow you; he'll follow you into the rooms where you'll need him.
Order the guard in the rest area back to work, then tell the guard by the airlock to take a break.
Go to the airlock. Adrian will follow you. Don't worry about the prison guard, he won't notice you. Just continue to the right behind him.
At the bottom of the room, close to you, you'll see a panel with some buttons. There are two buttons on the panel; one red and one yellow.
Press the red button.
Look at the pod and on the panel in front of the pod.
You now need an oxygen filter.
Head back to the security room. Order the resting guard back on duty, then order the guard at the cargo bay to take a break.
Go to the cargo bay. It's to the left, close to the security camera, straight across from where you first exited to mess with the camera.
Enter the cargo bay.
Head over to the terminal and look at it. You can now search for oxygen filters.
Look at the boxes you find there. Be patient, it might take a little bit of time. The box you need is at the back, to the left, in the pile of boxes marked "Even more boxes".
Exit the cargo bay and head back to the security room.
Order the guard on break back to his post, then order the guard at the airlock to take a break.
Head back to the airlock.
Use the oxygen filter on the pod.
Talk to Adrian. You'll tell him to get into the pod, and thus ends chapter 12.

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