Chapter 2 - Through the looking glass

New morning

Go downstairs and talk to Fiona.
Head to the café and talk to Charlie.
Return to the Border House and talk to Zack.
Go to the subway and take a train to Metro Circle.

Metro Circle

Go to East Gateway, and from there, to the right down the street.
Move the trashcan.
Talk to the conspicuous guy by the pole.
Use a candy on the green stuff you found under the trashcan.
Talk to the detective again, ask about food.
Give the detective a stinky candy.
Look at the fuse box, and try opening it.
Use the key on the fuse box.
Use the band-aid on the ruined glove.
Use the glove to fix the wiring in the fuse box.
Head back towards the subway.
In the middle of the street by the nightclub, you'll find the detective's hat. Grab it.
Return to the cinema, and enter the alley on the right of the cinema entrance.
Use the hat on the garbage bag to the left of the door.
Put the toy monkey next to the garbage heap.
Open the trashcan.
Use the matches on the trashcan.
Enter the cinema and talk to Cortez.
You don't actually need it, but you may want to grab the toy monkey before entering the portal.


Go to the right until you find the priest.
Talk to the priest. At the beginning, you won't understand what he's saying. But keep talking to him, and listen (you may have to scroll down to get the 'listen' option) to what he is saying, and eventually, you'll begin to understand what he says.
Go to the stalls. Talk to the merchant selling maps, and the cupshandler.
Return to the temple and talk to the priest Tobias again. He'll tell you about Stark and Arcadia.
After he leaves, go right until you find him again, and keep asking questions until you have talked about everything there is to talk about. Ask about Westhouse more than once, until Tobias tells you about the Rolling Man.
Return outside to the marketplace, back to the stalls.
Talk to the map-selling merchant, and ask him about the Rolling Man. Repeatedly. Until the messenger boy shows up and is fired.
You can now get hired as the new messenger boy.
You can now head out into the city.
The first map delivery is for the captain of the White Dragon. Head to the city gates, and onwards to the pier. From there, head to the large ship almost at the center of the screen, just to the right of the lighthouse.
Talk to the man you find there. Give him the map.
Use the delivery list on Captain Nebevay. He'll refuse to sign, because his god does not like him signing things. Keep talking and asking for his signature, and eventually, he'll tell you he'll sign it if you play music while he signs, because music will distract his god.
Return to the city gates. Just to the left of the gates, there's a stall selling musical instruments. Buy a flute for the coin you got from Captain Nebevay.
Use the delivery list on the captain, and he'll sign.
Return to the map-seller and give him the delivery list.
Go to Brian Westhouse's house. Give him the map. Question him about everything you can.
Give him the delivery list, and have him sign it.
As you're trying to leave, Westhouse will remember something that might help you. He'll give you a pocket watch.
Use the pushpin on the pocket watch. No, you can't hand in the delivery list to the merchant just yet.

Back in Stark

Go to the café. Talk to Charlie, and head inside and take a seat.
It doesn't matter if you choose to meet Zack or not. The result here is the same.

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