Kapittel 4 - Monsters


Enter The Journey Man.
Talk to the woman working at the inn.
If you wait a bit, a strange creature comes into the room. Talk to it.
Look around, look at the flames in the fireplace. When you start getting tired, sit in the chair.
Head towards the door. The innkeeper will give you some clothes, and some work.
Exit the inn and head to the city, and from there, to the marketplace.
Talk to the map-seller and give him the delivery list.
Bet a coin at the cup game.
Use the screwdriver on the three cups. The cup will jump when you find the right one.
You may go to the inn to look for the next map customer, but she won't be there.
Go talk to Abnaxus, the creature you met at the inn. He's in the city green.
Go to the temple, and talk to Tobias.
Go to the Enclave. The way down to the library is to the lower right on your screen.
Read all the books you can. Not all of them are useful at once, but it will make things easier later, if you understand more of the background for the story.
Return to the city and head to The White Dragon. Talk to the Captain.
Head to the small pier and talk to the old sailor.
Go talk to Brian Westhouse.
Talk to the captain of the White Dragon.
Return to the Enclave. You should now have more information you can read about. Since you don't know what book to read, just explain that you don't know what specific book you want, but you need some information. He can get you the books about what you need to know. Such as the winged people and the mermen. Now you should know where to go next.
Return to the White Dragon and talk to the captain. Ask him to take you to Alais. He won't.
Return to the old sailor, and talk to him. He'll tell you that captain Nebevay owes him a favour. If you can get him his bird back, he'll use his favour to get you on the ship.
Head for the marketplace and the cupshandler. Use the screwdriver on him. He is willing to trade it for the bird.
Take the bird, and return it to the old sailor.
Return to captain Nebevay and talk to him again. Now you can convince him to take you with him if you can get the wind back, and get him a navigator.

The Northlands

Head north, and enter the forest.
Head onwards along the path towards the bridge. Talk to Crow.
Continue towards the bridge, and you'll find a small creature looking for its brother. After that, you'll have an entertaining chat with Crow.
Return, you won't get over the bridge anyway. Talk to the old woman by the roadside. She is one screen back, sitting on the ground lower right corner. Help her.
Agree to follow her home. Enter her house.
When she's left, head to the cupboard and examine it. Interact with it. Talk to it.
On the table to the right there are some skulls. Take the smallest of them.
Use the skull on the window.
On the right side of the cupboard, there is a broom. Use it on the cupboard.
Use the small Banda on the broken window.
When the Gribbler attacks, head over to the board and lift it. Don't worry, you can't die, so you have all the time you need.
Head out the door.
Head to the Banda village. You will automatically talk to Ben-Bandu.
Talk to the Elder Mole in his hammock.
Talk to Ben-Bandu and his brother.
Talk to Crow.
Head back to Ben-Bandu and talk to him and his brother again.
Go to the Spirit Dig. It is behind the fire, pretty much at the center of your screen.
Use the bed you find there. It is at the bottom of your screen.

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