Chapter 5 - There and back again

The Northlands

Exit the Spirit Dig and you'll talk to Ben-Bandu.
Talk to the Elder.
Congratulations! You now have the first stone.
Talk to Crow.
Head to the swamp.
Cross the bridge. You lost your delivery list, but that's ok. Don't worry about it.
To the right, you find some purple flowers. Take one with you.
Continue up the hill and down to the plains.
Look at the berries to the right.
Try picking them.
Play your flute. Crow arrives. Use him on the berries.
Use the flower with the berries. You now have a moisturizing cream.
Go take a look at the statue.
Touch it, then use the moisturizing cream on it.
Enter the castle.

The labyrinth

At the bottom right, there is a begging gargoyle. Use the coins in your inventory on it.
Blow out the flaming hands on the new gargoyle.
Use the coins on the begging statue gargoyle again.
Take the salt and pepper from the second gargoyle.
Go left and turn the hourglass that the large gargoyle is holding. As soon as you're able to, run towards the part of the platform you can't reach; a bridge will appear for you to reach it, but you need to be fast. Remember you can start running before the bridge is up.
Go to the parchment in front of the door. Try picking it up.
Go to the next door and knock on it until a new hourglass appears.
Turn the hourglass, and run left. Again, start running before the bridge is up.
Open and enter the door in front of you.
Follow the platform. It is a dead end, but if you use the pepper on the door on the other side, you'll get a bridge.
Enter the door you just got access to.

The tower

Try heading up the stairs.
Talk to Roper Klacks. Exhaust all options.
Challenge him, then use the calculator on him.
Enter the tower.
Look at the crystal.
Pull the curtains away.
Take the green vial on the floor below the window.
Open the window.
Use the flute to summon Crow.
On the lowest shelf to the right of the window, there is a white vial. Take it.
Look at the big book next to the bookshelf.
On the table to the right there is a skull. Move it.
Take the blue vial that you just found.
Look at the cauldron on the table.
Take the yellow vial to the right of the cauldron.
Examine the vials closely. By examining them, you can find out which essence is which.
The blue is a catalyst, the white is clouds, the yellow is butterfly, and the green is the spiderweb.
To make an invisibility potion, mix the following essences in the following order:
White, Green, blue.
Head down and into the labyrinth. Find the mirror and the parchment.
Use the invisibility potion on yourself, then take the parchment.
Return to the tower.
Use the parchment on the book. Now you have all the formulas you need.
Make a Light-as-leaf potion. Order is yellow, white, blue.
Use the Light-as-leaf potion on April.
Take the red vial on the top of the shelves to the left.
Make the Stormy Wind potion, the explosive potion and the bind magic potion.
Wind potion: White, red, blue.
Explosive potion: Red, red, blue.
Bind magic potion: Green, yellow, blue.
Use the bind magic potion on the crystal.
Use the big bang potion on the crystal.
Use the wind potion on Crow.
Use Crow on the window.
Head back to Marcuria.


Go to the White Dragon and talk to the captain. Ask about leaving for Alais. He won't believe that you actually defeated Roper Klacks.
Use the Wind potion on the captain.
Go to the inn and talk to the woman by the bar.
Give the map to her.
Go to the marketplace.
Talk to the map-seller. He'll fire you.
Enter the temple and talk to Tobias. He's by the paintings, where you showed up when you first got here.
Now you can go to the ship and talk to the captain.

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