Chapter 6 - The Chaos Storm

Aboard the ship

Go to the apple barrel and take an apple.
Head down below.
Take the axe by the flour sack with a worm in it.
Eat a candy (if you haven't already).
Use the sticky candy on the flour sack.
Take the worm when it sticks to the paper.
Use the worm on the apple.
Go to the bridge and show the apple to the captain.
Look at the orb.
Talk to Tun Luiec.
Offer to take the helm for a moment.
While Tun is away, use the amulet you got from Tobias on the compass.
When Tun comes back up, tell her you're off course.
Go back up on the bridge and take back your talisman. You can't do this without being noticed.
Leave the bridge and head down below.
Use the axe on the crate to the right, by the barrels.

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