Chapter 7 - Deep blue mirror

The underwater city

Look at the head popping up in the water. Talk to it, and try to pet it.
Look at the cave paintings.
Look at the walls.
Take one of the polyps.
Use one of the polyps on April.
Exit the bubble and swim to the city.
Take some of the green stuff on the wall.
Swim to the left. There's a yellow shell there.
Open the shell and take the pearl inside.
Swim towards the city.
Try talking to the creature.
Take some of the green stuff on the wall.
Swim back to the bubble.
Use the pushpin on April. You probably need to be out of the water to do this.
Combine the blood and the green stuff.
Combine the green stuff with blood with the pearl.
Use the pearl on April.
Swim back to the city and talk to the merperson there.
Take the crystal in the pillar close to the merperson.
Use the crystal on the merperson.
Return outside.
Above the shell where you found the pearl, you'll find some seagrass. Move it, and you'll find another crystal.
Move the seagrass again. Now you'll find a cave.

The cave

Swim into the cave. You'll find another two crystals there. Pick them up.
Look at the stone alter in the cave.
The crystals need to be inserted in a system. For all of them, two of the pictures on the crystals will show what holes they need to face. The last picture, the one facing away from the altar, either shows the picture for the hole it is placed in, or it's opposite.
More specific:
Put the brown crystal in the hole by the wave. Twist it until the arrow faces to the hole with the arrow.
Put the grey crystal in the hole with the pyramid, then twist it until th arrow faces the arrow hole.
Put the green crystal in the hole with the arrow, and twist it until the fish points towards the arrow.
And lastly, the yellow crystal goes into the fish hole, and is turned until the pyramid faces the pyramid hole.
Now you need to set the wheels correctly. Here, opposites attract.
The wheels should be placed like this:
The pot is stuck. I am not entirely sure why a pot is the opposite of an arrow, but since you can't move it, it doesn't matter.
The bird is positioned with the fish.
The fire is positioned with the wave.
The last ring should be positioned with the pyramid.
Look at the stone altar. You should automatically start looking at the cave paintings. I can't help but think of the Abyss. (If you haven't seen the movie, see the extended version, not the movie version. It was cut so bad it lost half the story.)
Leave the cave and swim back to the city. Talk to the queen.

The shipwreck

Take the spear.
Swim out, past the bubble, and continue right towards the shipwreck.
Try swimming into the wreck.
Use the spear on the Snapjaw.
Take a proof that you killed a Snapjaw.
Swim into the wreck and get your talisman.
Swim back to the city, and give the queen the tooth.
Talk to her to learn the rest of the prophecy. Show the talisman to the queen.

The cave

Swim back to the cave with the altar.
On the left wall, there is a symbol matching the symbol on your talisman. Use the talisman on the symbol.
Take what you find in the niche.
Swim back to the city, show the stone to the queen.
Show the talisman to the queen.
Keep talking to the queen until the chapter ends.

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