Chapter 8 - Reunification

The beach

Take the rope you find among the wreckage on the beach.
Use the flute to summon Crow.
Use Crow on the jungle.
Don't enter the jungle just yet, go left up the path.
Use the rope on the tree.
Climb down into the hole and look at the strange nests you find there.
Climb further down towards the water. Look at the city.
Look at the rubble. Pick up the key you find there.
Climb up again.
Take the rope.
Go down to the beach and into the jungle.

In the jungle

Go to the volcano.
Climb into the mouth of the statue.
Use the key in the keyhole, and look through the hole. Keep turning the key until you have seen all of the symbols. Each of the statues has its own sign, the ruined city has the split arrow, the statue on the cliff has an upside down jellyfish, the statue by the really tall tree has an S, and the telescope itself has an A with spurs on each side.
Set the telescope on the ruined city.
You can take back the key before you leave.
Exit the statue, and look at the large tree.
Go back to the jungle, and towards the big tree.
Enter the area. Walk to the right, and the Stickmen will talk to you. Eventually.
Head over to the statue foot and look at it. Use the key.
Set the lower ring to the S, and the upper ring to the upside down jellyfish.
Rotate the rings by turning the key. Turn clockwise for the lower ring, counterclockwise for the upper ring.
Take the key, then head back to the beach again.


Go up the path to the ruined city. This is not the statue by the cliff, this is the one by the ruined city.
Set the lower ring on the statue by the cliff (the upside-down jellyfish), and the upper ring on the volcaon (the A with spurs).
Take the key.
Go down to the beach and through the arch on the right.
Look at the crab on the beach.
Try talking to it and try breaking its shell.
Go up on the cliff and look at the statue there. Set the lower ring to the statue by the tree (the S), and the upper ring to the ruined city (the split arrow).
Return to the statue by the tree.

The jungle

Talk to the statue's ear.
Talk to Q'aman.
Go into the jungle again, and go to the Quiet Giant's glade.
Talk to Q'aman.
When he has helped the crab, follow him up to the cliff, and talk to him again.
Give him the candy wrapper to make a lure.
Go back into the jungle to the big tree.
Climb up into the big tree and look at what you find there.
Across the gap you can see another tree. Take a look at it.
Talk to the Stickmen again. Ask about the crossbow.
While the Stickmen work on the crossbow, return to the cliff. Q'aman has caught a fish, so you can borrow his fishing line.
Beside the fireplace, there's some fishbones. Take some of those.
Return to the tree.
Talk to Stickman Wick, up in the tree.
Give the fishing line to the Stickmen.
Use the fishbone on the rope you found on the beach (you did remember to bring it when you got the key?)
Talk to the Stickman Wick.
Use the rope and the hook on the canon.
Under the canon, there is a lever. That is the firing mechanism. Use it.

The Alatien city

Head to the updraft above the chasm and look at it.
Use the Light-as-feather potion on April.
Use the wind potion on the updraft.
Ask the Alatien what questions you can.
Enter the tunnel entrance you see ahead of you.
Talk to the old Alatien sitting by the tunnel exit.
Head on into the city.
Head towards the castle.
Talk to the castle watch, and tell him you are the Windbringer.
Then go to the city to collect fables.
The Tale of the Stars you can learn from the young girl in front of the castle.
Talk to the young Alatien woman who is making pots, to the right of the young girl. From her, you'll get the Tale of Homecoming. If you want to, you can also check if the guard by the chasm is interested in courting her.
Talk to the old man at the entrance of the Alatien city. He can tell you the Tale of the Sea.
Go through the tunnel and talk to the Alatien by the chasm again. He can teach you the Tale of the Wind.
Head back to the castle watch and answer his questions.
The answer to the first question is Bak'ta'ana.
The answer to the second question is the spirits of five Tellers.
The answer to the third question is Octa'wo.
The answer to the fourth question is a broken pot.
Now enter the castle and talk to the Teller.

In the deep

Look at the pile of sand, and dig it up.
Look at the small orifice you find, look at the stone, and try touching it.
Talk to the sensory organ.
Swim into the large orifice.
Touch the circular protusion.
Talk to the cloaked figure.

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