Chapter 1 - One

Zoë's home

The monkey will tell you that you have a message. Good, because you would never have noticed that annoying ringtone by yourself.
Go over to the phone. You need to get close, until the eye-icon changes to a hand. Then you can click to get a choice of whether you want to examine or pick up the phone. Pick it up.
Talk to the purple monkey Wonkers. He will keep track of your schedule, the news headlines, and other stuff. Not that the news are interesting, but there you are.
Head over to the wardrobe and put on some clothes.
Walk down the stairs and talk to your dad.
When you're done talking to him, leave the house.

Going to the gym

Head through the archways into the street.
Head straight down the street, and talk to the woman standing there.
Walk inside the shop and head further in until you get a cutscene. Then talk to your friend again. You'll learn a bit about yourself and your history.
When you're done talking, leave the shop, turn left, and follow the street.
You'll meet another friend of yours, talk to her for a short while, then continue walking to the right of the sushi place and straight ahead to the gym.
Enter the gym, and talk to the woman in green clothes.
Fight her. You can stop whenever you want.
Leave the gym when you're done.

Meeting Reza

You'll get a phone call from Reza. Meet him at Moca Loco. It's on the plaza with the fountain, close to the sushi place.
Reza asks you to pick something up for him downtown.
When Reza has left, head back towards the gym. Right after the loading screen, turn left and take a cab.


Go to the elevator and press the button, calling a pod.
Look at the water cooler, and the vending machine, for the entertainment value.
Talk to the woman. Convince her to go look for the package.
Go look at the computer and try doing something with it. The woman will come back, ready for a fight. Fight her.
Go back to the computer and use it.
Head into the hallway, and around the corner.
Try opening the door. It won't budge.
The woman on the other side is pointing up, so climb up on the left side of the glass elevator she's in.
Remove the cover.
Pull the pressure handle release, then climb down again.
Now you can help the woman with opening the door.
Follow her, and take the elevator down (with a bit of help).
When you're done talking with Helena Chang, take a cab back to your home district.

Zoë's home district

When you get back, head to the plaza, then to the left of the sushi place, then left again to find Reza's apartment.

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