Chapter 11 - Faith

Wati City

Use the phone to listen to a message and call back.
Head over to the computer and listen to the message for you there.
Go into the bathroom to get some warm clothes.
Leave the room.

St. Petersburg

Head to the right, and walk along the side of the building.
Close to the mirror on the vehicle standing there, there's a closed, barely visible, panel. Use your phone on it.
Use your phone on the open panel.
Go over to the car and climb the wheels next to it, then climb the car from there.
Walk towards the back of the car, then climb up on the platform above you.
Walk around the corner, then climb the ladder you find there.
Dodge the bot, then head along the wall until you find another ladder. Continue climbing upwards.
Head right, then push the loose letter so that it falls down on the skylight below.
Climb down again.
Watch out for the bot, and go down through the broken skylight.
In one end of the room, there's a flight of stairs. Go down.
Climb down the ladder at the end of the stairs.
Head around the production line, and walk towards the green light.
After the cutscene, head back and look at the panel on the right.
Open it, then use the red switch.
Go back past the production line, and use the consoles there to move the crane. The right console is for moving it around, the left is for rising and lowering it.
Position it above the grate you saw earlier, and lower it.
Go over to the grate and fasten the hook.
Return to the consoles, and raise the grate.
Go back to the grate and drop down.

The room

The desk drawer is unlocked. Open it and search it.
Take the small key. Use it to open the leftmost locker.
Grab the access card inside.
Use the card on the panel beside the door next to the glass room.
Enter the room.
Take the datacube.
Look around, then exit the room.
Use the datacube on the computer.
Use the card on the card reader on the other door in the room, and leave.
Head up the stairs and use the card on the door at the top of the stairs.
Go back to the room with the consoles, and use the card on the card reader next to the door close to the room.
Leave the building.
Cross the open space, then use the card on the reader next to the gate, and head to the taxi standing there.

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