Chapter 2 - Lost

Zoë's home district

Go talk to Olivia in her shop again. She'll "upgrade" your phone with a few extra handy apps.
Head to Reza's apartment. There's a clamp on the door.
Open your inventory (mouse wheel should do it) and pick the phone. Use the wrench icon to use the hacking app on the clamp.
As you enter, Lucia will see you, and start moving towards you. The bad guys of course left a guard, a spider bot, and it shoots Lucia.
You have to sneak past the spider bot. Use ctrl to sneak, then move carefully around. The bot uses sound, so don't step on broken glass, or bump into things.
Go down the stairs, between Lucia and the spider bot, then towards the computer, between the chair and the desk.
Head towards the bathroom, and look at the shower cabinet.
On the side of it, there's a panel. Fiddle with it, and it'll start playing music.
The spider bot will rush into the cabinet. Close it, and the shower will start, and the spider bot will short circuit.
Go over to Lucia and take the important parts from her.
Head back to Olivia's shop.
Walk over to Olivia, then bring up your inventory. Choose the parts you picked up, and then the cogwheel while you have Olivia in focus. That will let you give her the parts.
Go home and use the hand icon on Wonkers. He'll go to sleep, and you can take his brain.
Return to Reza's apartment, and use the new power source Olivia gave you on Lucia.
Use the brain you got from Wonkers on Lucia.
Talk to Lucia.
Follow her and take the notepad from the safe.
After the women have left, pick up the notepad (again).
Remember to take back Wonkers' brain before leaving the apartment.
Go to Olivia's shop and give her the notebook.
Go home.
Put Wonkers' brain back where it belongs.
Get your backpack.


You play as April, and you'll have to fight two fights. You should have learned how to fight in chapter 1; that you are wielding a weapon does not change how you fight.

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