Chapter 3 - 201

Newport, the Fringe

After that, you switch back to Zoë, now in Newport.
Go forward, for another cutscene.
Go right, through the tunnel, and across the small bridge, and you'll find the Fringe.
Use the buzzer to get into the Fringe.
Head to the right and talk to Charlie. If you played The Longest Journey, you'll recognise a lot of the things Charlie will mention. And you'll recognise Charlie.
Leave the Fringe, then head back to where you came from, and go up the stairs next to the Chinese vendor.

Newport, getting inside the hotel

Head right, follow the pathway, then right again up the small stairs towards a metal gate. Turn left before the gate, and cross the canal. You're at the hotel.
Go to the wall to your left, and use the scaffolding to climb down into the drained canal.
Head through the archway with the broken set of bars, and head down the corridor.
Climb up the ladder.
Use the mobile phone to call Olivia, so you can ask about the padlock.
She will tell you you need a lockpick, so head back to the Chinese guy.
Talk to him. He has a lockpick, but he wants something to cloak mobile phones.
Call Olivia again, she can help you with that.
Talk to the Chinese vendor again. He'll now give you the lockpick.
Return to the padlock and pick it.
The point here is to get the in the rings to match the symbols below and above the rings.
There is a guard dog here, so sneak. Do not walk on the corrugated sheets of metal, or the broken glass. If you also time your movement with the passing trains, you should have no trouble.
Sneak past towards and past the door on your right; it is locked, so you won't get inside that way.
to the shed to the left by following the wall (thus avoiding the noisy terrain.
Open the door, go inside and grab the axe. Sneak back out again, and climb down the stairs.
Head left, towards the metal bars. You'll notice a boarded-up window with light coming out between the boards.
Look down. There is a bar there. Pull it.
Now you can push the container to your left until it's below the window.
Climb up on the container.
Use the axe on the boarded-up window.
Climb inside.

Newport, the Victory Hotel

Pick up the axe handle.
Pick up the rags on the table to your left.
In your inventory, choose the rags, then combine it with the axe handle by using the wrench icon.
Examine (by smelling) the red can. It's petrol.
Use the torch with the can of petrol.
Go over to the tank with the red button. Use it.
Use the torch with the large tank.
Head up the stairs and into the corridor.
You'll find a blood trail. Follow it through a door, and find Reza's lighter.
Use your phone on the security system.
Head up to the security door.
Head out into the kitchen, and then continue into the room with the guy watching TV.
When you talk to him, ask about vacancies. Lie about how you got in, and remain calm. Tell him to ask the manager. He'll let you look around for a bit, but if you spend too much time upstairs, he'll come looking for you, and you may have to fight him.
The TV he is watching is showing what looks to be a soccer game. The score table on the side are names of streets or places (or parts of the names) in Oslo.
Head upstairs. At the end of the corridor, there's a bathroom. Look at the window, then take the handle.
Head up the stairs from the bathroom, just to find the door there locked.
Head down the stairs again, and turn right into the darker corridor, not the one you came from, then into the room on the left.
Use the handle on the window.
Open the window and climb through it.
Climb up the fire escape, and enter the window.
Go through the room and out the door. After the man has gone, go into the bathroom and grab a towel.
Enter the corridor the man went down, and head to the end of it.
If you end up having to fight him, he's pretty easy to take down. By the way, he's speaking Norwegian at the beginning.
Open the window.
Wait until you see him headed for the bathroom again, and go grab the sheets off his mattress while he's away.
Head back down to the open window.
Combine the towel and the sheet.
Use the makeshift rope on the radiator below the window.
Climb out of the window and down to the walkway below.
Head to the room on the opposite side and open the window there.
Enter the room. This is April's old room.
Open the wardrobe and grab the picture you find there.
Talk to Marcus, then leave.

The Fringe

Talk to Charlie.
Use the picture you found on Charlie.
If you played The Longest Journey, a lot of this will feel very familiar. If not, you'll get sort of a summary of what happened back in the first game. It will be from Charlie's and Emma's points of view, though, so it is not much of what actually happened, especially not in Arcadia.
When you're done talking, head upstairs to the last room on the left. Use your phone.

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