Chapter 4 - Winter


Head towards the house.


Turn around and walk towards the wall. You'll see a brownish item there. Pick it up, it's a pebble.
As you walk towards the creatures, you'll see another pebble to your right, close to a large rock. Pick it up. You can use those to help distract the creatures. It is possible to do this without the pebbles, and without fighting the creatures, though.
It is possible to just run past the first creature as it is watching the water close to the big rock.
Wait until the second one is watching the water, then take the glowing egg.
Head up the ramp past the glowing crystals, to the big water wheel.
On the water to your left, there's a boat. Ignore it.
Continue up the stairs to the right, at the wheel.
Above the smaller wheel, there's a socket. Put the glowing egg in the socket.
Turn the wheel. Pay attention to the tones played when the water wheel activates.
Take the egg back.
Head back downstairs and use the water wheel to get up to the platform.
Jump across the gap, then climb the ladder.
Follow the tunnel to it's end. When you get close enough to the wall, you'll see three symbols there.
If you use the symbols, they'll each play a tone. Play the tones you heard when the water wheel started turning.
The order is left, middle, left, right.
Go through the tunnel.
Look at the door, then use it. With a few kicks, you can get rid of the door.

The Journeyman

Head out from behind the bar. Yes, you've seen this place before, if you played The Longest Journey.
Exit the inn.
Talk to the theoretically blind beggar sitting close to the inn.
Head back inside the inn.
Talk to the Benrime the innkeeper again.

Getting the mulled wine

Leave the inn, then head past the beggar.
Continue straight ahead, then turn right down the ramp.
Talk to the man at the first stall on the left. Ask for the spices.
Go back to the journeyman inn, then continue past it until you find the road blocked by a wagon.
Talk to the man by the wagon. Mercuria has really turned into a nice place since April came here.
When you have the spices, head back to the spice vendor and give the spices to him.
With the spices for Benrime, head back to the Journeyman and give her the spices.
Head to the bar, then use the spices on the kettle on the bar counter.
Grab the empty bottle behind you, and use it on the kettle.
Now you can head outside and give the bottle to Blind Bob.

Helping Clara

Head back to the spice merchant, walk past him, and turn left.
Follow the street, and you'll find Clara under the wooden roof you pass below.
Of course, Clara can't help you directly either. She wants her pet back.
Head back to the merchants, then walk over to the strange beast walking around a millstone or something.
Between the two houses there, there's an alley. You can slip in there when the beast is between you and the guards.
Open the cage you find in the alley.
Return to Clara.
Talk to Clara again.
Head back to the market place and talk to the soup lady.


Fight your opponents, then talk to your mentor Garmon Koumas.
Follow Child Ena.
When she stops, enter the door to the right.

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