Chapter 5 - Alchera


Head out of the Fringe, then start walking towards the tunnel. Your phone will ring, and you will find out where to go next.

Arcadia - Marcuria

Exit the door, and Brynn will come talk to you.
Head down the corridor, and talk to Na'ane.
Head downstairs, and talk to Benrime.
Exit the Journeyman.
Head left.
Walk straigth ahead to the area with the scaffolding.
If you head to the right side of the scaffolding, you can circle around it, and come up on the guard there from behind. Take him out.
Climb the scaffolding.
Look at the two people inside, and listen in on their conversation. (Right-click when facing them, and pick the ear.)
Head back towards the inn, and you will see the Prophet. Follow him.
Enter the Journeyman and talk to Benrime.
Head downstairs into the cellar, and through the door.

Wati City

To the left, there is a vending machine. Head over to it.
Use your mobile phone to buy a chewing gum.
Use the chewing gum. There's a sticker there.
Try using your mobile to buy a ticket.
Head up the stairs and talk to the sad-looking young girl at one of the tables.
Talk to the man standing there waiting for someone.
Talk about the museum, then about his girlfriend, about work, communications, talk, museum. He gives you his tickets when he leaves.
(Alternatively, if he tears up his ticket and throws it away, you can get it and glue it together with the chewing gum and the sticker. In that case, you can also talk to his girlfriend, and if you pick the right choices, she'll give you her ticket as well. If not, you'll have only one ticket.)
Give one of the tickets to Riko if you feel like being nice.
Use the ticket on the ticket reader, and enter the car.

The WATI museum

After speaking to Olivia, head inside the museum.
Look at the exhibits. Some of them are rather weird. For instance the one about "Li'l Big Cat & Bob".
Go over and use the biometric panel by the door at the back of the museum.
When the chaos ensues, use your phone on the biometric panel to hack your way through the door.

WATI Headquarters 1

Enter the door, and go straight ahead into the locker room.
Someone forgot to close their locker, so open it and take the uniform you find there.
Wait for the bot to go through the ventilation duct, then go inside when the grill opens.
Walk towards the elevator. The woman will start talking to you.
If you tell her the truth, she'll start running away. You can easily knock her out, though, it isn't even a fight. She won't fight back.
If you tell her you're new, she'll be rather arrogant, but let you use the elevator.
If you trick her, she'll be embarrassed, and even call the elevator for you.
Enter the elevator.

WATI Headquarters 2

When you head out of the entrance area, you'll be stopped by a bot that tells you to remain in the waiting area.
If it spots you, it'll take you down, so be careful. You can see its vision field as a red field, but it seems it notices you if you get too close and make noise as well.
Head in the direction the bot flew. As you go around the corner, you'll see another (or the same) bot exit the doors in the other end of the corridor. You can hide behind the vending machine at your left, of you can usually get to the first set of doors on the right; with the bathroom doors.
When it passes, wait for a few moments, and make certain that it is far enough away that it won't notice you. If it doesn't, it'll turn right, and head down the corridor you came from.
Continue down the corridor, and turn left, and head through the door at the end of that corridor.
Sometimes, there will be another bot coming out that door. If so, head back to the bathrooms and hide. The bot will come out in the corridor, look in your direction, then turn around and head down away from you. Now head down the corridor to the left.
Go through the door, then search through the cubicles until you find Damien Cavanaugh.

The Dreamcore

Head down the stairs and go through the door.
This area is shaped like an octagon, so if you number the part you came in through 1, the rooms are as follows:
Medlab on 2
Laboratory on 4
Panel and datakey scanner on 5
Security office at 6
Cybernetics office at 8
The safest is to follow after the spider bot (but not too close), but as long as you pay attention, it is not difficult to go the other way.
Follow the spider bot to the right, and keep following the corridor.
The panel you need is on the right wall on 5 if you follow the spider bot, right before the door with the datakey scanner on your left, and after the door to the laboratory.
Upload the code, then turn around and head back to the laboratory on 4 and go inside.
Take one of the capsules on the right side when you enter.
Combine the capsule and the worm.
Next stop is the medlab. Head out into the corridor and turn right. The medlab is the first door on your right, but watch out for the spider bot!
Put the small capsule in the bimetric scanner to your left (the small one).
Walk inside the large scanner to your right.
Head for the security office next. Open the door. Do not enter.
Head to the cybernetics office at 8.
Enter, and use your phone on one of the spider bots you find in there.
As a spider bot, go hunting for (one of the) the patrolling bot(s).
Use it by pressing the left mouse button or space. Press again to upgrade the bot's clearance.
Go to the security office and head inside. Walk over to the hexagon on the floor to your right.
Stand on it and press left mouse button or space. The security grid on the floor now deactivates.
Search through the jacket hanging on the chair in the security room.
Head back to the door with the datakey scanner.
Enter the room and use the panel on the right to open the door in front of you.
Enter that door.
Now would probably be a good time to save.
You need to reach the stairs and get down without being spotted by the scientists.
When you get to the lower level, there is a small protrusion not far from the stairs. Use the small capsule on that.
Watch the cutscene with the scientists and the boss from hell.

Arcadia - cave

Head down the stairs. Remember the boat from chapter 4? It is now missing.
Head down the path, and see where the boat disappeared to.
Continue down, and you'll see one of those creatures opening the door by singing to it. Pay attention to the song (or not, it's the same as you used in chapter 4).
You need to get inside behind one of them; they go through that door pretty often, but if you're too close and they spot you or smell you, they'll run away.
If you hide behind the small outcrop a little bit up the path, they won't see or smell you. As soon as it has it's back towards you, you can start sneaking forward, and when you hear the door open, you can run towards it to get through before it closes.
Inside, you see an altar, and another door. This one has three buttons on it.
The creatures keep coming inside. Hide behind the altar.
Use the right mouse button to zoom in and watch as it uses the buttons to open the next door.
Head inside, and down the stairs.

Arcadia - tunnels

Part-way down the stairs, there is a statue, holding a stone disc with four symbols.
There are creatures walking through the tunnels from time to time. Make certain they don't see you; they still run away, but now, they run away to get help.
Head down the tunnel. The center pillar and the floor have symbols on them.
At the central pillar, turn right.
At the next statue, turn left, and walk forward until you hit the dead end.
The wall here is cracked, and you can knock it down, though it takes a couple of tries.
There is a creature here as well, but there are several hiding places.
Head towards the central chamber, then right. You'll see a gate with an indention as for some sort of key.
Go back to the central chamber, then up the stairs. Turn left, then right to see another statue.
Go back and continue up the next flight of stairs, then turn right.
Go down the stairs, and approach the gate you see there. Look at it. See those symbols? You'll have seen them before. You might want to jot them down somewhere, that will make things easier. Make note of where this gate is, you'll have to find your way back to it soon.
Go through the tunnel to the left when facing the gate.
You come out close to the pillar with the symbols. You now have to go to each statue and set the symbols on each correctly.
The symbols are as follows: The corridor symbol in two parts, a triangle and an 'h' matches an hourglass. This is the one on the stairs where you first entered this area.
The corridor symbol looking like a sickle matches the symbol looking like an envelope.
The corridor symbol looking like a right-angled lightning with a dot on the left upper side matches the V-formed symbol.
The corridor symbol looking like three claws matches the round symbol.
When you get all the symbols right, you get a new cutscene, showing you the gate with the symbols opening.
Go back to that gate, and through it.
Open the sarcophagus and take the glowing egg you find inside.
Now head back down until you get to the gate with the indentation. Use the egg on it.
Follow the corridor and the stairs.
Go out on the platform. You'll see a cutscene with the man you were following and two larger creatures.
There are two gorilla-like creatures here. You will not win a fight with them, so avoid them.
One guards the central stairs at the opposite side from you, the other guards the area below you. You can get the one guarding below you to chase you, then run up the stairs on the right side of the central stairs. The stairs will crumble beneath you, so the creature can't follow you for long.
Go up on the balcony, and drop down from the right side of it. Drop down once more, behind the second creature.
Sneak to the back of the area, to the sarcophagus you can see there.
Turn right into what looks like a dead end, and you'll get another cutscene.

The Dreamcore

Run upstairs and out through the decontamination chamber.
Head out into the corridors. When you get the cutscene with soldiers exiting the elevator, hide in one of the ventilation alcoves until they've passed.
Go to the elevator next to the one you came out of and take it up.

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