Chapter 6 - Morpheus

WATI headquarters

Head out of the elevator and into the large room with a jungle.
Cross the bridge and head forward.
At the end of the conversation with the man you find there, the two girls who've attacked you before will show up again. You'll automatically be turned around. Run straight ahead, then turn left, then right through the door by the bridge. Continue through the next door as well.
Run on, then turn right and climb up on the box below the droid. Climb up once more, then jump onto the droid and ride it to the ground.


Go downstairs and talk to Benrime.
Leave the inn and head right.
At the second stall on the left there is an old man selling magical stuff. Chat with him. If you played The Longest Journey, you'll get a bit of a laugh. WWWA.
Continue down to the harbour, the street is close to the Dolmari woman with the green stall.
Talk to the people there. Talk to the Dark Person there, and mention that you were once called the Wave by one of their kind.
Talk to him again, and offer to pay.
Return to Roper Klacks. Ask him about his book. He'll give it to you, and tell you to not get it wet, not feed it red meat, and not hold it upside down under a full moon.
Return to the harbour, and talk to the Dark Person there again.
Give him the book.
Watch the cutscene with Zoë.


Go up the stairs. Watch the cutscene.

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