Day 1, 10 am - 12 pm

The hotel - 34 points

Go over to the wardrobe and open it.
Take the hanger. (2 points)
Take the piece of tape at the back of the wardrobe. (2 points)
Leave the room, go downstairs.
Opposite from the desk, there is a table beneath a landscape painting. On the table is a box.
Take a candy from the box. (2 points)
Enter the large doorway between the two sets of stairs.
Find an old friend. (4 points)
At the other end of the table from the coffee, there is a bowl of syrup. Take some syrup. (2 points)
Go talk to the clerk.
Ask about the tour group. (2 points)
Ask about two men with a large trunk twice. (2 points)
Look at the ledger on the desk, and read it. (2 points)
Go talk to the guy reading the newspaper in the lounge. (2 points)
Ask about Emilio about check-in. (2 points)
Go back to the desk. Take the magic marker. (2 points)
Go through the red curtain to the right of the desk.
Use the business card from James Stuart on the phone. (4 points)
Go outside the hotel and talk to the woman by the minibus.
Ask about the tour group. (2 points)
Ask about check-in twice. (2 points)
Go look in the shop window of the reddish shop you can see from the minibus.
Look at the poster mentioning the Holy Grail. (2 points)
(34 points so far)

The museum - 12 points

Go left, past the fountain, then up the street to the right.
To the left, there are some stairs. Go up those stairs.
Continue in past the postcards, and talk to the lady behind the counter. (2 points)
Ask about the Holy Grail. (2 points)
Ask about the treasure.
Ask about the treasure again. (2 points)
Go up the stairs the lady is facing.
Go on the other side of the banners from the ladies.
Listen in on the conversation between the two ladies. (2 points)
Go talk to the ladies. (2 points)
If you think you recognise Estelle's voice, you may be right. She also plays, for instance, Dr. Chakwas in the Mass Effect games.
Ask about the tour group.
Ask about the treasure. (2 points)
(46 points so far)

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