Day 1, 2pm - 4pm

Rennes-le-Château - 2 points

Go towards the fountain, and through the small arch where the bike came out from, the arch has a sign with a scooter above it.
Go talk to the man about renting a bike. (2 points)
(85 points so far)

The hotel - 15 points

Go talk to the two women in the lounge. (2 points)
Go upstairs. Outside room 27, there is a painting of a road. Put the candy on the table beneath it. (2 points)
Go downstairs, and over to the desk.
Look at the panel next to the desk. Press the button 33, to call Mosley down to the lobby. (2 points)
Go upstairs, and watch as he leaves the room.
You need to make certain you stand close to his room, so you don't end up going the wrong way.
Follow him, and while he stops to eat the candy, grab his passport. (5 points)
Use the black magic marker on the passport in your inventory. (2 points)
Go into Mosley's room and take his yellow jacket. (2 points)
(100 points so far)

Rennes-le-Château - 25 points

Inside the museum, by the door, there is a lost and found box. Grab the cap from it. (2 points)
Combine the hat and the jacket in your inventory.
Go behind the church, to the graveyard.
Wait until the priest is gone, then take the spray bottle. (2 points)
Continue down the street from the church until you see a black cat.
Try petting it.
Use the tape on the hole the cat hid in. (2 points)
Use the spray-bottle on the cat (it is now on the fence behind you. (2 points)
Take the tape from the hole. (2 points)
Combine the cat hair with the honey.
Use the black moustache with the jacket and cap (5 points)
Go back to the bike shop.
Put on the Mosley costume. (You'll automatically go rent the Harley. Gabriel is such a nice person...) (10 points)
(125 points so far)

L'Ermitage - 12 points

Head to Château de Blanchefort. Actually, you can use most places that gives you a good look at the road, I just prefer using this point.
Wait for Wilkes' to ride past. When he does, click on him and follow him. Click on the place you end up in. (2 points)
Use your notebook on his scooter. (2 points)
Go up the path.
Look at the strange machine next to Wilkes. It's a thumper! He's trying to summon Shai-Halud! Uhm. Or not.
Go talk to Wilkes.
Ask about the machine. Ok, so I was not the only one thinking of sandworms. That one is mainly funny if you have seen Dune (or read it). Keep asking until he actually gives you some useful information. (2 points)
Ask about the treasure. (2 points)
Ask about the Holy Grail. (2 points)
Go back to the road, and wait for the van to drive by.
Follow it.(2 points)
(137 points so far)

Château de Blanchefort

Don't bother go talk to her. Instead, head back to Château de Blanchefort.
Go to the right, and follow the path up the mountain. By the sign, you can look at the view.
Use your binoculars and find Madeline. It is the light grey area down and right from the orange spot. (5 points).
(142 points so far)

Couiza Train Station - 11 points

Go talk to the man by the car.
Ask about two men with a trunk twice.
Use your wallet on the guy. (5 points)
Go inside and look at the blackboard next to the ticket booth.
Look closer at it (lightbulb icon), and discover that no train came in from Naples yesterday (you might have to look more than once). (2 points)
Talk to the girl in the ticket booth.
Ask about the train from Naples. (2 points)
Ask about other trains. (2 points)
(153 points so far)

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