Day 1, 6pm - 10pm

Rennes-le-Château - 2 points

Go look at the other bikes. You'll find the one Estelle and Lady Howard used.
Use your notebook on it to get the license plate number. (2 points)
Use the notebook on the last scooter; you know who have the others, so you should be able to guess which one this belongs to. If you for some reason can't, there is another way of getting it. See below. (2 points)
Exit the garage to see a familiar face.
(185 points so far)

The hotel - 6 points

Go downstairs and to the dining room. (2 points)
Go talk to Simone, the night clerk.
Ask when people arrived. (2 points)
Ask about two men with a trunk. (2 points)
(191 points so far)

Rennes-le-Château - 12 points

Follow prince James' men towards the church. They head into the graveyard. Keep following.
Go hide behind one of the tombs and watch the men. (5 points)
Use the tape recorder on the window of the church office. (7 points)
Note: The window is right by the tomb you hid behind, it is not the window in his home.
Follow the men back and watch them drive off in their car.
You can follow them from there, or find a spot on the road where you can wait for them, if you miss them.
(203 points so far)

Larry Chester's place - 7 points

Follow them. (2 points)
Go back to Château de Blanchefort, then go up the right path, towards C. de Blanchfort.
Instead of going up the hill, keep going straight ahead to the house.
Look around the house. At the front, you see the car with the two men.
Look at the window to Larry's office. There is a small hole in it.
Go hide behind the tree near the well. (5 points)
If you for some reason were unable to identify the last bike, go to Rennes-les-Bains now. Wilkes and Buchelli will be there at the pub, so go inside, look at Buchelli, then go out and use the notebook on his scooter.
Go back to your bike and return to your hotel room.
(210 points so far)

The hotel - 9 points

You can talk to Emilio, though he does not give you anything really useful.
You can also enter the dining room for a cutscene, if you wish.
Return to your room.
Tell Mosley and Grace about prince James' men. (2 points)
Show Mosley the handshake. Icon two, five, three, one, four. (5 points)
Ask about the Freemasons.
Talk about abbé Arnaud. (2 points)
(219 points so far)

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