Day 2, 7am - 10am

The hotel - 7 ponts

Get a fingerprint kid. (1 point)
Use the computer.
Search for "san greal". (1 point)
Search for "Vampires". (1 point)
Pick up the book outside Gabriels' room. (2 points)
Enter the dining room.
Talk to Madeline. Seems Gabriel's charm works on some women, at least... (2 points)
(226 points so far)

Rennes-le-Château - 4 points

Go out of the hotel, past the fountain and straight ahead.
Follow the signs to Tour Magdala.
Enter the building.
Go up the stairs.
Talk to the Arnaud on the top. (2 points)
Go to the church, and pick up a brochure. (2 points)
Return to the dining room at the hotel.
(230 points so far)

The tour - 22 points

Listen to Madeline talk about Poussin's Tomb. (4 points)
Use Grace's notebook with Emilio's drawing. (4 points)
At Roque Blanc, listen to the tour guide again. (2 points)
Go talk to Wilkes, or rather, listen to him pester Madeline. (2 points)
Go try talking to Emilio, and listen in on Lady Howard and Estelle. (2 points)
Go talk to the Wilkes, ask him a couple of questions. Flirt with him. Yuch! (2 points)
Talk to Madeline about Le Serpent Rouge. (2 points)
Talk to Mosley.
Ask about the treasure. (2 points)
Ask about Gabriel. (2 points)
(252 points so far)

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