Day 2, 12pm - 2pm

Château de Serres - 38 points

Enter the wine-tasting room and watch the cutscene.
Go talk to Arnaud. (2 points)
Exit the room and go through the arch to the right of the mansion entrance.
Go around the house and see the cellar door and try opening it.
Try climbing up on the top of the wall, on the right side when you enter the area. (2 points)
Work your way to the vines on the wall, and climb them. (4 points)
Open the wardrobe, and take use your notebook on the symbol on the robes. (2 points)
To the right when going past the wardrobe, you can find a trunk. Open it. (2 points)
Hide in the wardrobe. (2 points)
After the man is gone, go back to the trunk and open it. Move the blanket to see what it was you thought you saw. (2 points)
Go downstairs. Look at the desk.
Open the desk drawer. Remember you can adjust angle and height of your point of view.
Use the fingerprint kit on the book. (2 points)
Read the book, then exit. (2 points)
Move the chair behind the desk to the painting. (2 points)
Climb the chair.
Look closer at the picture, and study his eyes.
Look close enough, and you'll see a grail. (2 points)
Press the button on the left leg of the desk. (2 points)
Turn each of the five heads once to the right or left. Both work, but you have to turn all the heads the same way. (5 points)
Walk to the other end of the basement, and go down another set of stairs to a door. It's a wine press. (2 points)
Talk to the woman. Pay attention to what she is saying, even if you do not understand French. She keeps repeating "pommes bleu", meaning "blue apples". (5 points)
(382 points so far)

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