Day 2, 5pm - 10pm

The hotel - 7 points

Leave Gabriel's room.
Outside room 31, there is a tray. Take a glass from it. (2 points)
Go downstairs and talk to Simone.
Ask about Rennes-le-Château.
Enter the dining room, and listen to Gabriel and Mosley talk about Grace. (5 points)
(490 points so far)

Rennes-le-Château - 8 points

Go to the museum. There is an envelope on the door. Take it. (2 points)
Use the fingerprint kit on the envelope. (2 points)
Read the first page of Le Serpent Rouge.
Go to the church.
Knock on the door on the left of the altar.
Ask about the Magdelen statues. (2 points)
Ask about the sunrise line. (2 points)
(498 points so far)

Gabriel's room - 32 points

Return to the room and use the computer.
Add Montreaux's fingerprint. (1 point)
Scan the fingerprints from the envelope from the museum. (1 point)
Scan the symbols from Château de Serres. (1 point)
Scan the drawing Emilio made that you copied. (1 point)
Link Montreaux's fingerprint to his file. (1 point)
Link Mosley's license plate number to his file. (1 point)
Translate Emilio's note from Latin to English. (2 points)
Analyse the symbols found at Château de Serres. (2 points)
Analyse the file called parch_1.
Extract anomalies. Use French. (2 points)
Use the Graphics -> View geometry on patch_1. (2 points)
Analyse the file called parch_2.
Analyse the text. Oooh, a modem! I haven't heard those for ages! Use French. (2 points)
Use View geometry on parch_2. (4 points)
Rotate shape on parch_2. (2 points)
Look at the map.
Draw two points, one at Rennes-le-Château and one at Château de Blanchefort. Analyse. (5 points)
Look at your pamphlet from the church.
There are several other churches mentioned in it; look at #3, St Mary Magdalen. The churches are at St. Just et le Bezu, Bugarach and Coustaussa, in addition to Rennes-le-Château.
Put a point in the three other places as well.
Coustaussa is above the center of the line you've drawn.
St-Just-et-le-Bezu is down from Rennes-le-Château, about a third of the distance from the bottom of the map to Rennes-le-Château.
Bugarach is a bit lower on the map than St-Just-et-le-Bezu, on the opposite side of the map.
Start analysis.
Go to graphics and use a shape.
Pick a circle. Adjust the size and move it so it passes through all four church sites. (5 points)
(530 points so far)

The hotel - 2 points

Go downstairs to see a cutscene with Gabriel, Mosley and Madeline. (2 points)
Go back up to Gabriel's room.
(532 points so far)

Gabriel's room - 10 points

Read the second page of Le Serpent Rouge. Take note of the words written with capital letters.
Search for 'quaternity' in SIDNEY. (1 point)
Search for 'st michael' in SIDNEY. (1 point)
Search for 'pythagoras' in SIDNEY. (1 point)
Click on the link to 'squaring the Circle'.
Analyse the map. From the graphics menu, place a square shape on the map.
Move it and resize it until it it just large enough to contain the circle. (5 points)
Go downstairs and watch another cutscene, this time with Lady Howard, Estelle and a few others. (2 points)
(542 points so far)

The church - 2 points

Go through the door, then turn and look at it. On the right side, there is a statue of a demon, and above it, four angels. Look closer at the angels.
Click on one of the right hands, then by clicking, make a tilted square from hand to hand. (2 points)
Return to the hotel. (544 points so far)

Gabriel's room - 15 points

Remember the old woman talking about blue apples? Then she held up a cluster of blue grapes. Place a map point at Château de Serres.
There is also mention of the meridian, so place the other map point where the circle meets the Paris meridian, not far from Château de Serres.
Analyse. (2 points)
Now grab the square (click on it so it turns black), and turn it until one of its sides aligns with the line between the two new points you just drew. (5 points)
Search for Asmodeus in SIDNEY. (1 point)
All the talk about 64 stones and alternating black and white makes me think of a chessboard. 64 is a perfect cube, by the way (4x4x4).
Search for Chessboard in SIDNEY. (1 point)
Read the pamphlet, #11, the Church Floor.
Search for duality in SIDNEY. (1 points)
Now, fill the shape with an 8x8 grid. (5 points)
Sit back and enjoy the cutscene. Go, Gracie!
(559 points so far)

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