Day 3, 2am

Larry Chester's place - 13 points

Head to Château de Blanchefort.
Go right, and keep going straight head to Larry's place.
Spy on him through the window. (5 points)
Follow Larry.
Go dig up the ground where he was digging. (4 points)
Use your fingerprint kit to get a print off the folder you found. (2 points)
Use the bike, and you'll see, and lose, the black sedan. (2 points)
(572 points so far)

Château de Serres - 2 points

Go to Château de Serres.
Close to the road, on the right side when facing it, you can find some tire tracks.
Compare the tracks to the tracks you got off prince James' men's car. (2 points)
(574 points so far)

L'Homme Mort - 2 points

Go to L'Homme Mort.
There is a scooter parked there.
Go pester your old friend. (2 points)
Go back to your room.
(576 points so far)

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